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Take the Next Step

If you fit these values and want to work for a close knit company that provides customers and carriers with outstanding service, we’d love to hear from you.


What Makes Us Tick

Succeeding as part of Mid-Pacific Transportation, Inc. depends on understanding the values that drive me and our business, combined with your willingness to do what it takes to succeed. As President of Mid-Pacific, here is what I need you to know and do.

  • Service—doing work that benefits and contributes to the welfare of others. This includes our customers, carriers and each other.
  • Honesty—always tell the truth. Good news or bad, get the truth on the table as quickly as possible with customers, carriers and each other.
  • Curiosity—about everything, but most importantly be curious about how we can better serve our customers, carriers and each other.
  • Diligence—stick with a process, problem, or solution to the end. Make it clear to customers and carriers that we give attentive and persistent effort.
  • Responsibilities—take ownership of the service and the work done to provide it, personally and as a team.
  • Sense of humor—Laugh often. We are in a business where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Don’t spend all your time angry.
What’s more important? For me, both. Focus on accuracy (deliberate work) first, but be diligent in building speed over time. Our service requires urgency and accuracy to be the best.
Balance between work and personal life is important. Being on call after-hours or weekend’s (when needed) means you represent the values of our company to our customers and carriers at that time. When not on call, your time is your own.
First, you must want to get better (see Curiosity). Second, if you need help or know what you need to get better, please ask me. Third, I will offer resources and training on an ongoing basis to help you.
See the values above. Conflict is inevitable when we all strive to serve and be the best in the business. Heated discussions are fine and sometimes necessary—keeping to the topic and staying away from getting personal. I believe people can manage the necessary conflicts without trying to destroy the other—even if agreeing to disagree.
Immediately and directly, explaining the mistake and offering a solution (at times you may not have a solution—that’s where curiosity comes in—we can find the solution together). Promptly correcting a mistake (and never making the same again) proves our commitment to service.