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Independent Agents play a very important role in our industry. Mid-Pacific realizes that their contributions are very valuable and integral to its success. To that end, Mid-Pacific has developed an agent program that is sustainable and mutually beneficial to the agent and company.
Noted below are just a few of the benefits of being an Independent Agent for Mid-Pacific Transportation:

  • Aligning yourself with a company that maintains an A+ Credit Rating
  • TIA Performance Certified
  • Named Best Broker by the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC)
  • Member of Diamond Broker Program which notes a Red Diamond on all loads posted on
  • Proprietary TMS and the most up to date technology
  • Access to 3 prominent load boards
  • Your loads posted on our live load board on this website
  • Billing, Collections and fast Customer Credit Review and Approval
  • Carrier qualification and claims management
  • Access to our qualified carrier data base with over 4,000 under contract in addition to a data base with every single registered motor carrier in the country
  • Competitive commissions

If these benefits are important to you and you have a work hard, play hard attitude, Mid-Pacific may be a match for you. To continue and see what makes us tick, click below.