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Choosing a Transportation Property Broker is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s just as important as choosing a stock broker, real-estate broker or insurance broker. You need to know that the broker you chose has your best interest in mind.

At Mid-Pacific Transportation, Inc. we understand the importance of that decision. Your stock broker and real-estate broker keep you up to date on market conditions and quality buys and sells. Your insurance broker finds the policy that fits your unique needs.

As your Transportation Property Broker, we will do the very same things: Keep you up to date on the transportation market place by utilizing our lane by lane market analysis, make you aware of the best times and means to ship if you have the flexibility to choose, and always provide the best shipping options for your unique needs. We take every opportunity to treat your customer as if they were our customer knowing that if their needs are met, so are yours. In choosing Mid-Pacific, you’ll soon realize you have a true partner in logistics. One that will always have your best interest in mind while providing the seamless service you require and deserve.

Additionally, Mid-Pacific carries the following value added policies for their shipper client’s protection:

  • Contingent Auto Policy
  • Contingent Cargo Policy
  • Shippers Interest Policy
  • Errors & Omissions Policy