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Mid Pacific Transportation “Stands out amongst the herd” of transportation brokers. R.B. Browns and Mid Pacific have been working together since 2003. In that time we have delivered over 500 loads along the west coast and across the Nation. Mid Pacific Transportation understands what trucking companies are up against. They keep their rates up and the problems to a minimum. Each of their agents has prior experience in transportation. As former Drivers and managers in “the business”, they bring a knowledge that very few brokerages possess.

R.B.Browns Trucking looks forward to continued future business with Mid Pacific Trans. With Them Trucking truly has a partner.

Damian Luisi, R.B. Browns Trucking Inc.
Wow, you and John are a terrific 1-2 combo when it comes to dispatching. Very thorough to say the least which I really appreciate. I deal with lots of trucking companies and brokers and you guys are at the top with your service. If John cannot find a truck, I know it is true because of his thoroughness and you seem to be of the same mold. Like lumber wholesaling, there is a lot of dead wood in the truck brokering business but there is none at MidPac. I have truck dispatch people who never call back which is very frustrating.
Larry Hayes, Ketcham Forest Products
As with most companies that have been in business for several years, I here at Atlas Electric get several phone calls a week requesting that “I try there freight company” and it is always the same old thing. Prices are good for a few shipments and then they slowly start raising the rates. Many of the freight companies out there use the lowest price “fly by night” carriers out there. For the most part they get lucky and never have any problems and if you do have a claim good luck getting anything out of them.

See, the most important things for my company is, first of all the cost, second is that my freight gets to my customer un-damaged, and if there is a problem it is handled in a professional way with a quick and fair resolution.

Roughly two and a half years ago I got a phone call from Rob Miller who works for Mid-Pacific Transportation, he asked me “To try there freight company” Without a bunch of fancy salesman talk he told me how they are different than other freight companies.

Why are they different? Well they stand behind the trucks and drivers that they use. I am not familiar with the details of the computer database they use. However, I do know because of that database, I will only receive the most qualified professional drivers, which will move my freight safely and efficiently for a great price.

Still today, my first call is to Mid-Pacific on any load I need to move, it does not matter if it is across the State or across the United States. I know that Mid-pacific will do their best to get me a truck on time, in the right place, and for a great price.

I like to also add that the last two and a half years working with Rob at Mid-Pacific has greatly reduced my stress level and my customers are always impressed with how quick the delivery is and with cost of moving the equipment.

Jason Johnston, Atlas Electric Inc.
Just a quick communication to let you know I had an opportunity to speak with Bob at Mid Pacific. This guy is a real switched on professional. Not only did he get the load delivered to Cortez Hills already, but he also handles himself extremely well on the phone. Very intellectually aware and extremely perceptive to the situation at hand. Uniquely keen about how to best handle any needs that arise.

My recommendation is that you please do everything you can to send loads his way and let me know if you need any further details on the situation. Again – really, really an impressive guy!!

Earl Buckingham, Fuller Brothers, Inc.
Mid Pacific Transportation has provided Pacific Award Metals with consistently reliable and punctual service.

In the world of last minute – just-in-time inventory, a freight broker like Mid Pacific can be counted on to coordinate picking up and delivering freight to multiple locations, on time, with just one phone call, and that is a great benefit to any business.

For any organization that values top notch customer service from their freight broker, I would, without any hesitation, recommend Mid Pacific Transportation.

Mark Shaff & Christi Larson, Award Metals